Student Activities
In an effort to promote and enhance student life and provide opportunities for students to build skills in the areas of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, MAST offers a variety of Student Clubs and Activities. Each student activity group has at least one faculty advisory, who oversees all club activities and finances. Most club meetings occur during lunch, but some have meetings and events after school, which require parents to coordinate transportation home from school.

In addition to MAST's student activity groups, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities at their home high schools. This is particularly important to student-athletes, who wish to engage in competitive or recreational sports not offered by the Monmouth County Vocational School District. While early dismissal from school is not approved for regular, routine practices, early dismissal is granted for mandatory practices (time trials, scrimmages, etc.) and all official matches or meets. MAST has had hundreds of student-athletes over the years who have fully participated in athletic programs at their home high schools. Coaches do not deny participation on sports teams due to the fact that their athletes attend MCVSD Career Academies, and are willing to work with parents to make arrangements to accommodate MAST's school schedule.

Formal Activities
Academic Team
  • Advisors Kathleen Tomalesky and Maria Ruffalo 
Class Advisors
  • Senior Class Advisor Jess Cappadonna
  • Junior Class Advisor Kathleen Tomalesky
  • Sophomore Class Advisor Wendy Green
  • Freshman Class Advisor Fetherman/Vaccarella
  •  Carolyn Kaiser
Drill Team/Color Guard 
  • Advisors Fetherman/Vaccarella
Key Club
Marine and Environmental Science Club
  • Advisors Clare Ng and Liza Baskin
Mock Trial
  • Advisor Tracie Smith-Yeoman
National Honor Society
Sociedal Honoraria Hispanica
  • Advisor Francis Haddad 
Spanish Club
  • Advisor Teresa Mancini Martinez
Technology Students Association

Visual and Performing Arts
  • Advisors Carolyn Kaiser and Christine Stromberg
  • Advisors John Cutrell and Mike Ellithorpe